• Question: how do u get blind

    Asked by 237susp37 to Maia on 13 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Maia Elliott

      Maia Elliott answered on 16 Nov 2018:

      There are SO MANY ways that you can go blind!
      This is the most common one: our eyeball does this really clever thing where it focuses the light into a single place in our eye so we can see things clearly. Our eyeball needs to be perfectly curved to do this. If our eyeball isn’t perfectly curved (because of injury or being born that way), it won’t focus the light properly and we will be partly (or in some cases completely) blind. Usually this can be fixed with glasses, which have lenses that are curved in a special way to help our eyes focus the light.
      Another cause of blindness (mainly in old people) is cataracts, where the lens of our eye gets cloudy so we can’t see through it anymore (a bit like when your swimming goggles get fogged up in the pool)! There is surgery that can fix this 🙂
      Finally, there are also insects that can lay eggs in your eyes! When these eggs hatch the maggots eat your eyeball flesh, which causes you to go blind! Terrifying right???
      These are just a few ways we can go blind!